Utgivelsen av This Girl’s In Love: A Bacharach & David Songbook, Rumers nye album med sin særs selvforklarende tittel, nærmer seg stadig. 21. oktober er slippdato, og «Walk On By» er tredje – deilige – smakebit. Under kan du lese hva Rumer sier om akkurat det valget. Versjonen hennes kan du høre ved å klikke på lenken i bildet over.

«Walk On By» was the last cut on the album and I added it at the last minute, as I felt we needed one more well known hit song on the album. Picking a collection of  Bacharach and David songs is a challenge not only because there are so many great songs, but because you want to make sure you honour the hits as well as dusting off some undiscovered gems too. When I started recording the vocal for «Walk On By», I realised that I could really relate to the character in the song. In some songs of a certain era, the female characters can be submissive, but Walk On By is very empowering and I like that about it.

Fikk du med deg nydelige «Balance Of Nature»?